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Welcome to the e-Campus learning solution, your computerised high school teacher. With this tool you will be able to cover all subjects in the Namibian School Curriculum from Grade 8 up to Grade 12. Furthermore you have the option of learning some very important life skills such as how to open and manage a bank account, work a cell phone, report a crime and be proactive about HIV/AIDS.

The lessons are easy to follow and we've provided you with tests and summaries of every module. The summaries and sample exam papers assist you in those dreaded cram sessions in preparation for your final exams.

Move your mouse over each of the menu items on the left and wait a few seconds to see a short explanation about where that link will take you. You can also work through the tutorial to learn how to use the e-campus step by step.

Congratulations on making the right choice for better results at school and in life.

Happy learning!